Dayi Lin, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher, Data Science and Software Engineering

Above all else, show the data.

– Edward R. Tufte

Hi, I am Dayi, a passionate data science and software engineering researcher 🙂

I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab (SAIL Lab), Queen’s University, Canada. My research interests include Data Science, Empirical Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering, and Software Engineering for Artificial Intelligence Systems. My Ph.D. thesis is about using data science and machine learning to improve the user-perceived quality of PC games.

As an experienced researcher with a solid engineering background, I believe in the value of combining rigorous scientific methodologies with robust engineering practices. Apart from my academic research, I have also worked in multiple industries including eCommerce, telecommunications, automotive, gaming, and education. Currently, I work as a Senior Researcher at Toronto Center for Software Excellence, Huawei Canada Research Institute, conducting research on the theories and practices of engineering AI systems.

You can find out more about my research here, and contact me here. I’m also active on various social media (linked on this page) so feel free to follow my adventures there!